Fall Cleaning; Don’t Forget Your Pets

Can you believe the Fall season is already knocking on our door? It is time to start writing out that Fall To Do list. I know my list grows so quickly. There is a few months to work on getting our Fall list done before the winter moves in.

Not that I want to add to your To Do list, but here is a couple items your pet(s) might want you to add to your list.

1. I don’t know about you, but my pets have medicine in my cabinet. These medication(s) all have expiration dates like our medications. Check the date to make sure the medication is still good. If not, make a list of medication that you need to replace. Contact your local vets to find out about disposing of expired medication.

2. Do you have dog food and treats in your pantry that your pet(s) won’t or can’t eat? If it is expired, toss it. Anything that is still good can be taken to a local shelter or pet rescue. They are always looking for donations.

3. It is important to go through your pets toys. Toss out any toys that have been torn or are falling apart. Broken toys can pose a health threat to them. Toys should also be washed every so often with soapy hot water. If you have toys your pet doesn’t play with, why not do a little De-cluttering by donating them to a shelter or pet rescue.

4. Bedding sometimes gets missed when doing laundry. It helps if the pet bed has a cover on it that can be taken off and washed. If it is too big to fit in your washer and dryer at home, you might need a trip to the laundry mat.

5. Check leashes and collars to make sure that they are in still good condition. If not, it is time for replacements.

6. Are you pets shots all up-to-date? If not sure, check with your veterinarian. It is important to always keep our pets up-to-date on their shots. This is specially important if an emergency comes up and you need to leave town quickly. If needing to board your pet while you’re away, it will need to be up-to-date on Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper.

7. Speaking of boarding your pet…are you planning on heading out of town for Thanksgiving? If so, it wouldn’t hurt to make your pets boarding reservation now at Lord Charlton Kennel. It never hurts to book early to ensure you pet will have a suite available.

Good Luck on your Fall To Do List! Now I just need to start getting stuff crossed off.

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