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Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween is that time of year that it is fun to dress up. For some pets though, it can be a very scary night. Some dogs are okay with attending Halloween events with their owners. Pets don’t understand what is going on Halloween night. They hear the doorbell rings throughout the evening, scary-looking little people keep coming to the door, yelling and screaming…and they get treats.


Watch for signs that your pet is having a difficult time handling the events of Halloween. If you have a pet that you know is going to be nervous, it would be wise to keep them in another room away from the commotion. This will take away the chance that they might become frightened and run out the door. Some dogs see themselves as protectors of the family. They might think they need to protect their family from the little dressed up characters coming to their door. Make sure you pets are micro-chipped or have ID tags, in case they do get out.

If you have a black cat, definitely keep it inside and hidden.

For those dogs that enjoy going out Trick-or-treating with their families, make sure you know your dog. If your dog is the type that will bark at unfamiliar people, run after screaming children or become afraid and panic….it would be a better idea to leave them at home.  Keep on eye on your dog and at any time you get a sense your dog is uncomfortable, it is time to take them home.


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