National Kids & Pets Day

Did you grow up with a favorite family pet? Almost everyone I know, would say they did. They couldn’t imagine not having a pet in their lives. Over 60% of households in the United States include a pet.

In this crazy world we live in now, family sometimes say that they just don’t have time to care for a pet. In truth, pets help us remember to slow down and enjoy life a little. Have you been on your phone and laptop and your dog or cat come over to try to get your attention. That is their way of saying, “Hey why don’t you take a break.” That pesty dog that keeps dropping the ball in teenager’s lap is telling them to put down the phone and play with me.

Studies have shown that having a pet not only helps build great memories for kids, but they help kids with emotional development. They even help kids with their physical health. Kids don’t think about exercising with their dog when they are running around the yard with them or going for a family hike.

How many times do you remember cuddling up with you dog or cat while you were growing up? Did your parents make you made so decided to tell your pet how mad you were? Or share secrets with them, because you know your dog would never tell anyone.

Pets offer kids so much in life. Kids and drawn to pets because they love them no matter what.

“Teach children to be kind to animals, they will grow up also kind to people.”



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