Seat belts aren’t just for us!

When we into our vehicle, we buckle our seatbelts. What about our canine family members? What happens if you get into an automobile accident? We would be safe, but your dog may not be.

Occasionally when we are driving, our dogs enjoy curling up on our lap, hanging their head out the window while we are driving. Can you remember a time when you almost rear-ended someone by accident because your dog was diverting your attention from the road? Dogs that are not restrained can become a deadly projectile item. They can even get crushed by a passenger holding them in their lap if they get thrown forward.

There are various options available for assisting to restrain your dog. One common tool that pet owners have purchased for securing their dog while driving is an adjustable dog car seat belt that clips into your vehicle’s seat belt and the other end clips onto their collar. These seat belt is easy and can be used quickly for securing and detaching your dog.

Securing your dog each time they accompany you means you are not only protecting them, but yourself and passengers.



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