September is National Preparedness Month

You always hear about needing to be prepared for anything. Sometimes those list forget to include items that our pets might need. Here is a couple things you can do to make sure your pet is prepared for an emergency.

Make sure that your pet has some type of id tag on them. This will help to allow you to be brought back together if you are separated during an emergency situation. If you pet is microchip, make sure that all information connected to that microchip is up-to-date. Many times we say we will do it later, but later might be too late. Update it now!

It is also a good idea to have a current picture of your pet. Specially pictures of unique markings your pet might have. Put these pictures in with your important papers, along with their medical records.

Make a pet emergency kit.

Food – At least a weeks worth of food.
Bottled water just for your pet.
Vet Records
Cat Litter & Pan
Manuel Can Opener
Food Dish
First Aid Kit and other items you might need for your pet.

Preparing Shelter for your pet needs to be planned in advance. At least know where your pet can go in an emergency and who you can call. You can out this information by contacting the local emergency management, animal shelter or animal control office.

Lord Charlton Kennel & Pet Spa will be able to take in pets if our facility is safe for the animals. The same rules would apply with shot records if we do need to take them in; we need to see proof that pets are up-to-date on shot records. In the event that something happens while you’re pet is boarding with us. Don’t panic about picking up your pet. We will take care of them and will move them to a safe area if needed. We will try to keep everyone up-to-date through social media if possible.

We all hope that we don’t have to deal with a National Disaster, but it is better to be prepared. To read more tips on preparing for your family and pets visit

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