Why Smaller Kennels Might be Better for Your Pet

Kennels have been popping up around the U.S. and continue to be on the rise. One reason for these is that pet owner need a safe place for their pet to stay while they are on vacation or at work. A bigger kennel doesn’t always mean it is a better place for your pet.

Choosing a smaller kennel normally means that the kennel is able to offer a more customized care for your pet. Smaller kennel have less dogs and cats staying with them, which in turn means that their stay at the kennel will be less chaotic.

Even though small kennels have less staff, they get more personal time with the staff.

If you have a seizure pet or one that needs some extra attention due to a health condition or age, smaller kennels are normally more willing to board these type of special needs pets.

We are Lord Charlton Kennel & Pet Spa we pride ourselves in being a small kennel. We enjoy giving our clients and guest the opportunity to board with us and handle their pets needs during their stay with us. Just like our motto says, We love each pet as if it is our own. We don’t plan to make our kennel larger, we love it being a small kennel. This allows us to keep offering the premium service our guest deserve.



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